Prizes and Giveaways!

Information here about prizes and giveaways.  Some giveaway menus are hidden, and are for members only – you must be a free or paid member to see CDT giveaway pages, and a paid member to register to win.  


Current Giveaway Programs

We have established a few giveaway programs for our members. We intend to show that your membership has real value. This is just part of the value you receive. Please select the program you wish to get more information about (must be a member to see details and a premium (paid) member register to win).


Gold Giveaways

Are you Nuts??? You're giving away Gold??? No, we're not and YES, WE ARE! There are a few ways you can win real US gold coins. Find out more about Jennifer's gold giveaways.   HERE 

Affiliate Gift Card Giveaways

We are creating a huge affiliate program. A substantial part of our site is having the Affiliates donate to the Affiliate Gift Card Program. This is a substantial program. Take the time to read all about it.   HERE 

Cruise Giveaways

From now thru the end of 2020 we will be giving away at least three cruises. We're also contemplating adding more. This is the real deal! All are on Carnival Cruise Line.

In addition to the Giveaway cruises, we have two other cruises set that don’t yet have giveaways associated with then. That may change or we’ll just add additional cruises and dates. Please check the details section for more information.   HERE 

Land Giveaways

Jennifer loves Disney, both California and Florida! We invite your participation in offering venues where we can enjoy a day or week ashore dressed.

We haven’t scheduled any land outings so there are not giveaways set up at this time. As we get further along we will. We have a lot to do and when we catch a breath, we’ll get started on them. We're sure that we’ll start with Disney World and branch out from there. So, stay tuned!

Please give us your feedback on which venues you think would be successful for our crossdress culture. We will be sending out periodic polls to our members. We look forward to posting these giveaways. (Information Coming soon!)   


Complete Outfit Giveaways

This is your chance to create your own unique outfit. You pick the pieces and parts that come together that express YOU. As it stands now, were having an annual Valentine's and Christmas Giveaway. It’s soooo much fun to shop, especially when it’s FREE. 

Now we must be honest, Jennifer's male self hates shopping. But once she puts on the dress, and shoes (oh, how she loves shoes!!!), a switch is flipped in her little pea brain and she goes from hating to LOVING shopping

It’s especially wondrous when someone else is buying, or rather, the shop is giving it to you. We partner with our affiliates to bring this to you.

I’m looking forward to seeing the outfit you put together. Please check the details section for more information.   HERE 

Sign up to be a member    HERE    and let's go together!

You must be a free or paid member to see giveaway detail pages. You must be a paid member to register for cruises and be eligible to win prizes and giveaways. 

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*Check details. Member may be affected by Membership Level that may affect chances of winning.

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