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Carnival Cruise Giveaway! Sept 21-28, 2019

7-day, cruise for two, from Miami, to Grand Cayman, Mahogany Bay, Belize, Cozumel, return to Miami.

A Fun Ship® Adventure Awaits You

I can’t think of a better way to kick off this website then to give a cruise away. YOU may be the lucky winner of a Carnival cruise. I will be onboard with you and others. Adventure awaits us all.

This is a weeklong, 7-day, cruise for 2. You depart out of Miami on Sept. 21 of 2019. The drawing will be held on May 12th, Mother’s Day. For more info and details about the cruise go to Select Sale From-Miami and the month of September under Dates. Then select Duration 6-9 day cruises. Of the results shown, look-up Western Caribbean click Dates, the departure date Sept. 21 on the Carnival Conquest.


In order to qualify, you must be a paid member. Login to fill out the form and remain a member until the drawing. The CD, his loved ones, and others connected to him may become members then participate in this giveaway. The CD must be one of the occupants of the cabin. Participants must be at least 21 years old at time of login.

This Giveaway Cruise is not transferable. Both the CD and any cabin mate(s) must hold a valid passport. The term winner shall also encompass and extend to anyone else occupying the cabin with the CD/Winner.

This cruise giveaway is for the stated cruise only as defined by Carnival Cruises®. All incidentals, add-ons, and shore excursions on or during the cruise are solely at the expense of the winner. Also, any costs incurred either to or from the cruise, including but not limited to, airfare and/or hotel, are solely at the expense of the winner. The only financial liability this site has, or the ones that operate it, are to provide the cruise cabin only. Cabin selection, cruise date or other changes by the winner are solely at the expense and discretion of the winner.

Winner allow this site to use any and all photos and comments related to them for advertising purposes. The use of the photos and comments by winner shall be useable on this site and sites interconnected and or partnered with it in any way. If winner is disqualified, then additional drawings will be held until a qualified winner is drawn.

We highly recommend the winner consider acquiring trip insurance not provided by this giveaway. This site reserves the right to change and or revise the Giveaway rules at any time.

Please click HERE to enter now!

Good Luck! And remember, you can never have enough shoes, or chocolate!

Future Giveaways to Come! Stay Tuned!

We will have at least one cruise giveaway a year. I already have a giveaway cruise set for Sept. 2020. I haven’t published it yet because I want to move it to Halloween. I love Halloween. I have known many men who love to dress but will only do it on Halloween because of the cover it affords.

I also love to dress in character.

I’m also looking at additional cruise and non-cruise giveaways.

Stay tuned we have a lot in the works!

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