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Tuesday, June 25, 2019 10:59 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

What would the world be like if the only plant was a beautiful red rose? 

Perhaps the rose would not seem so beautiful. And the brilliant red would lose its vibrancy in our eyes.

Life has brought us infinite differentiation. No two living things are exactly the same—and no cross-dresser. Even identical twins have slight differences. 

A Bed of Roses

If all the plants were red roses, then after a while we all would be screaming for something else. Weeds. Anything will do. 

The red roses are driving us NUTS!

A rose is on its plant, but the plant is full of roses and each one slightly different.  The rose bush is in a garden full of rose bushes and no two are exactly alike. 

The garden is on some land, and there are other gardens, bushes, and trees. On a tree is some moss and it goes on and on. No two of anything are the same.

Finding Unity as a Cross-dresser

This is why I built this site. To bring together those who are different, yet on the same "bush." The cross-dresser bush. 

I want your bud to blossom. I don’t want your flower hidden in the shadows at the back of the bush.

I want your beauty out front where it belongs. Showing your liveliness as a cross-dresser to the world. 

Everyone has faults. I don’t care about them. I do care about your radiance of life, the true you. 

I want to see and know the real you.

I believe I’ve found the best concepts, for newbies and cross-dresser in general, to enjoy freedom, respect, and acceptance when in dress.

Embark Toward Adventure

CrossDressTravel.com is beginning with cruises and will soon venture into land destinations. We have concepts for many venues in North America and around the world. But, first Cruises. 

Tell us your bucket list destination you would like to go in fem.


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