5 Liberating Reasons to Find Peace With Your Crossdresser Life

Monday, June 03, 2019 12:53 AM | Deleted user

5 Liberating Reasons to Find Peace With Your Crossdresser Life

The percentage of men who are straight crossdressers is nearly impossible to quantify. This is due to the fact that for many a crossdresser life is one of secrecy. 

All life is connected. All life is valuable.

At the same time each of us has our own “universe” from our perspective. You are unique. There is no one in all the world like you. Read on for the five reasons you should celebrate your unique crossdresser life and how liberating it can be.

1) Decision Making

How often have you made a good decision when very angry? In the reverse, how often have you made a bad decision while at peace? It's difficult to act counter to your state of mind.

When at peace we tend to make better decisions that positively impact our lives. These decisions drive our life in a stable direction that continues to bring us more peace and positivity. That a "vicious" cycle I can live with.

2) Confidence

Confidence is a direct product of being at peace. With self-confidence expressing your “her” is much easier.

This is our opportunity to further our own development.

Bringing out our fem self, and enhancing our fem life, can be considered a turning point. There are many milestones in life that are opportunites for personal growth. Recognizing this has been helpful in my own life.

Deciding to be at peace with your crossdresser life can be a game changer. 

3) Less Stress

Denial and fear are poisons that leech into your life. I have loved giving up my anger, stress, worry and more. My mind is far more at ease, which is not a small thing. 

The peace of acceptance brings with it more clarity and openness. And in turn, I’ve been able to develop, express, and live my Jennifer self. It truly has been wondrous. 

4) Better Relationships

The tranquility and joy I experienced after my own acceptance has spilled over to touch those around me. From the closest loved ones to the casual encounters, the effect is there.

When a person becomes truly happy with themselves she is giving the very best self to those around her. Finding your liberating peace isn't a selfish act. It will make your connections with the ones you love more genuine and positive. 

5) New Friends

I’ve learned much in my crossdresser life and look forward to the opportunities that connect me with strangers. Whether a few moments or much longer, I love leaving them with a wondrous glow in their soul.

I look forward to meeting you and yours. For me, I’m always excited to look at the one that lives behind the eyes. With the acceptance of your fem self, you open an entire world of new connections.

You will be open to meet like-minded people and their significant others. These new friends will be validating, and the relationships you will develop are fulfilling.

Enjoy Your Crossdresser Life

I certainly hope that the above 5 reasons help you find a peaceful and healthy crossdresser life. You will attain more clarity and direction toward the life you were meant to live.

For those of you that have not been out in public dressed, you will find that step to be much easier when you’re at peace with yourself.

If you're seeking a healthier mind, body, and spirit while embracing your crossdresser life check out the Healthy Life section of the blog.

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