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  • Wednesday, May 29, 2024 10:27 AM | Anonymous member

    Crossdressing: Live Your Truth

    Crossdressing, unfortunately, is more of a battle with ourselves than with society. It's my deepest wish to shift the closeted crossdresser from hiding in shame to living in the light. I want to share a message of positivity that may help you live your truth.


    Get Mentally Positive

    We should not let that space between our ears confuse our hearts. Let the mentality go and live from the foundational self that is you.

    Everyone is a blend of male and female—crossdressing or not. Some more one-sided than the other, but we still have a duality.


    Everyone Makes Choices

    Each morning is a gift of God and His new beginning to our life. Yesterday is dead and gone. The rising sun shines on renewed eyes.

    Each new day is an opportunity to renew our lives. It is all about our choices. Do we make choices of ego or of love, think of ourselves or of others, or choose to be selfish or unconditional?

    These are the choices we make every sunrise. These are the choices we live by.

    Who am I… Who are you?

    We answer that by our choices. They speak loud and clear.


    Live Your Truth Crossdressing

    Do we live by what another expects of us?

    Or do we just BE?

    One is looking outwardly and satisfying what others demand of us. While the opposite, is looking within to our root selves (our crossdressing desire) and lives by that truth.

    If we choose truth, then our reality will come to us in its time and place. We know its right for us because something deep within ourselves resonates with it. We just know it is right and we gladly go forward.


    For Yourself and For Others

    Often, people will give of themselves to the point of sacrificing their own joy. Take this opportunity of introspection to learn and gain greater awareness. Though there are moments of being overwhelmed our life is full of chances to learn.

    Take a deep breath and some time for yourself. You and I are in a position to help countless others who are searching. It is an honor being in this position yet very stressful.

    First, you need to help yourself. As the saying goes, “you can’t give what you don’t have.”

    So, take care of yourself. It's time to answer your own questions, and it's okay to still question. It's normal.


    Life-Long Learning

    Life is a journey and at times we will get burnout and at other moments we will be a beacon of light to others. You are a very special person.

    Male? Female? Don’t know?

    I understand.

    You may be amazed at how many "average" people will accept you just the way you are. So, let go of your worries about anyone else and focus on your personal improvement and mental state. In the end, you belong to a wonderful and special club of crossdressing persons just like us—and we're here to support each other.

    If you are looking for something to read to help your state of mind, or to help your spouse with her understanding of your desire to dress, I recommend "Living with Crossdressing" by crossdresser Savannah Hauk.It's an incredible read that explores the misconceptions, stereotypes, and ignorance is the truth about non-transitioning, non-fetish, crossdressing men.

    If you have other questions or simply want emotional support go to our forum and start a conversation. Your Sisterhood is here to support you.

  • Sunday, August 25, 2019 1:27 PM | Anonymous member

    How to Change Men’s to Women’s Shoes Size

    How do you change men's to women's shoes size? Some say size up 1.5 from men's to women's shoe sizes. But if it is a closed toe shoe you may want to err on the side of caution and add 2 to your normal size.

    I have learned while shopping at FSJ, one of my favorite shoe site, that there are several factors to consider when you are a man buying women's shoes. And I hope to cover them, so find out my tips and tricks to find the perfect shoe for your next crossdressing outing.


    Men’s to Women’s Shoes Size

    It can be difficult if you are not an open crossdresser to find a pair of women's shoes that work for you. Although you can follow the general rule of adding 2 sizes from men's to women's shoes size you will need to consider that each brand may have slightly different sizing.

    Pro-tip: Take the time to read the reviews and find out if a shoe runs narrow vs. wide or big vs. small.

    Be sure to understand the company's return policy. I like FSJ's free exchange policy. If I receive a pair of shoes that don't seem to fit quite right then within 30 days of the delivery date I can exchange them for the next size up or down at no shipping cost to me.


    Width and Men’s to Women’s Shoes Sizes

    Just like the discrepancy in the belief of sizing up in men’s to women's shoes sizing there is a debate about shoe width. Some experts say that women's shoes run generally narrower than men's shoes. I would like to propose that perhaps more men are unaware of their true foot width.

    Well, it's time to start shopping like a woman. Shift into your femme-self and take the time to measure your feet. When I was looking into shoes sizing I found that some company's like New Balance said their width sizing was the same in both men and women.

    This may be another case of learning about different brands and how they run. Once again, get into your femme-self and enjoy the journey of becoming a better you. Take the time needed to find that just-right shoe for your perfect outfit.


    Different Shoe Styles for Male to Female Transformation


    Perhaps flats aren't as fun as heels, but sometimes you just aren't up for the delicious torture of looking fabulous in high-heels. Flats could include moccasins, loafers, jelly shoes, and more. Also, flats have a wide variety of outfits they could go with such as jeans, shorts, pencil skirts, knee-length suits, and above-the-knee dresses.

    Don't disregard flats as another option to expand your cross-dressing experience.


    Sandals have the most leeway when it comes to men's to women's shoes size. If you have a wide foot go for a style that has a lot of open space.

    There is also a lot of variation in the style of sandals too. You could go with a very casual flip-flop, buckle straps, or something bedazzled to the nines. This will allow you to dress in anything from a casual summer dress or jeans to something fit for a fancy dinner.

    It's all about how you put it together so do your research and be thoughtful.


    Mules are heeled shoes that are backless and cover the instep without straps. These tend to be warmer weather shoes, but I like to wear them into fall as a transition before boots.

    You can find mules with an open toe to show off your pedicure and to give yourself a little added space.


    Pumps, sling backs, and T-straps, oh my! I have been known to rock a pair of 5-inch heels.

    If you are looking for a little extra give, try a sling back, which only has a strap above your heel. There are also a lot of open-toed options.

    Any time you have open space it will release a little pressure off your foot. This is a good option when trying to change men’s to women’s shoes size. But keep in mind the shoe does still need to fit or you will be uncomfortable and look silly.


    The boot can be practical for winter climates, but they also can be sexy. You can find boots in lots of styles including ankle boots, cowboy boots, booties, Cossack boots, Uggs, biker boots, combat boots, fur...I could go on-and-on.

    Pro-tip:  If you are looking for knee-high or thigh-high boots try an extended calf if you are not a slender built man. They will fit you better.



    Finding What You Want in Your Size

    Finding what you want when you are converting men's to women's shoes size can be more challenging if your foot is large. Many brands may not carry what you want in a longer sizes.

    Now, I've been saving the best for last. This is an amazing tip you might not have thought of.

    Pro-tip:  Get exactly what style of shoe you want for exactly the size you need with custom orders.

    That's right, it's one of the reasons I love FSJ. You can send an image of a shoe you love—you know, like something you find on Pinterest—and customize it in any way and they will make you a mock-up. It’s the ultimate in getting what you want.


    What to Do With All Those Fabulous Shoes

    You can have all the most wonderful shoes in the world, but if you are a closeted crossdresser they are only living a half-life and so are you. It is my genuine wish that you can live a full life as a crossdresser. You bought those shoes for yourself for sure, but you also deep inside want to show them off to the world.

    Consider how you can take your secret passion for shoes and bring it into the light. Find out how cruising can allow you to crossdress in public in a safe, anonymous, and supported way at the CrossDressTravel.com blog.



    *Some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase CrossDressTravel.com will earn a small commission. Keep in mind that I link these companies and their products because I genuinely like them and not because of the commission we receive from your purchases. The decision whether or not you to buy something is completely up to you, but your purchase does support this website and our ability to continue to help crossdressers, their family, and friends.




  • Saturday, June 29, 2019 3:42 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Surprising Crossdress Advice on Cruising for the Closeted Crossdresser

    So, you’re in the closet, yet you still want to go on a cruise. How do you balance dress and drab? You want crossdress advice on how to go away on a crossdress vacation and get away with it.

    How do you keep those that don’t know about “her” from finding out about your crossdress vacation? All you need is a little forethought. Read on for my 10 surprising crossdress advice tips that will get you in a dress and keep them in the dark.

    Crossdress Advice for Before You Go On the Cruise

    1. Select a cruise that is rather far from your stomping grounds. There is a reason this is first on the crossdress advice list. This ensures less of a chance for unwanted meetings with people you know.
    2. Don’t talk to anyone about the cruise until shortly before your cruise date. You don’t want someone saying, “Great idea, we are going to go with you!”
    3. If anyone asks why you are going on a cruise, just say that you’ve been under a lot of stress and you just need to relax and get away from everything.
    4. Leave home and travel in drab.

    Crossdress Advice to Create Your Visual Story 

    1. Embark in drab. Take as many photos as you can like checking your luggage, entering the building, getting on the ship, exploring the ship, and having a libation & food. Do this before you go to your room and make sure that you are in as many shots as you can if you go with a travel partner. 
    2. I recommend going off the ship in port in drab. Take pics getting off, including the staged photos at the bottom of the gangway. Again, take photos of yourself at every opportunity you can while off ship—including any excursions you take. 
    3. Now, do the same process upon re-boarding. Photos going up the gangway, at a bar, having food, walk thru some of the shops and stage some guy shots thinking about buying something.
    4. My best crossdress advice is to take a number of male shirts. Switch shirts while taking photos, so it doesn’t look like the photos were taken all in one day. The best time to take your photos is before and after you return.

    Crossdress Advice For Disembarkation

    1. Take my crossdress advice to be in male mode when disembarking. Be sure to take more male photos all the way home.
    2. What you have been doing is creating a record of going on a cruise like your non-knowing friends and family think you are on.

    What to Do From Here

    Remember ship time is girl time.

    You can vary this routine as needed. Let’s say that you are on a cruise that goes to three ports. You can get off at two ports in drab and one in dress. 

    Any combination of these will work because you have enough male photos to satisfy. Just don’t mix-up your male and en femme photos.

    You can share your photos on Facebook, emails, and prints. You have a record of your cruise for all to see. Gladly show them off. It’s only you that knows what you were wearing in between each photo or underneath in the photo. 

    As Paul Harvey would say, “and that’s the rest of the story.

    If you are looking to test what the reaction would be to crossdressers in general by the people you are hiding it from, then take a photo of me. Tell them that you met this rather “interesting” person at your dinner table. This person talked a lot and you learned a lot. 

    Let them reveal what they really think and how they feel. I bet you would be surprised at the openness and acceptance by many people you would never have imagined.

    If you are still teetering about going on a cruise with CrossDressTravel.com then I would love to share more crossdress advice. Check out my "Jennifer Speaks" blog for more articles that will help you find peace with you crossdresser life. 

  • Monday, June 03, 2019 12:53 AM | Deleted user

    5 Liberating Reasons to Find Peace With Your Crossdresser Life

    The percentage of men who are straight crossdressers is nearly impossible to quantify. This is due to the fact that for many a crossdresser life is one of secrecy. 

    All life is connected. All life is valuable.

    At the same time each of us has our own “universe” from our perspective. You are unique. There is no one in all the world like you. Read on for the five reasons you should celebrate your unique crossdresser life and how liberating it can be.

    1) Decision Making

    How often have you made a good decision when very angry? In the reverse, how often have you made a bad decision while at peace? It's difficult to act counter to your state of mind.

    When at peace we tend to make better decisions that positively impact our lives. These decisions drive our life in a stable direction that continues to bring us more peace and positivity. That a "vicious" cycle I can live with.

    2) Confidence

    Confidence is a direct product of being at peace. With self-confidence expressing your “her” is much easier.

    This is our opportunity to further our own development.

    Bringing out our fem self, and enhancing our fem life, can be considered a turning point. There are many milestones in life that are opportunites for personal growth. Recognizing this has been helpful in my own life.

    Deciding to be at peace with your crossdresser life can be a game changer. 

    3) Less Stress

    Denial and fear are poisons that leech into your life. I have loved giving up my anger, stress, worry and more. My mind is far more at ease, which is not a small thing. 

    The peace of acceptance brings with it more clarity and openness. And in turn, I’ve been able to develop, express, and live my Jennifer self. It truly has been wondrous. 

    4) Better Relationships

    The tranquility and joy I experienced after my own acceptance has spilled over to touch those around me. From the closest loved ones to the casual encounters, the effect is there.

    When a person becomes truly happy with themselves she is giving the very best self to those around her. Finding your liberating peace isn't a selfish act. It will make your connections with the ones you love more genuine and positive. 

    5) New Friends

    I’ve learned much in my crossdresser life and look forward to the opportunities that connect me with strangers. Whether a few moments or much longer, I love leaving them with a wondrous glow in their soul.

    I look forward to meeting you and yours. For me, I’m always excited to look at the one that lives behind the eyes. With the acceptance of your fem self, you open an entire world of new connections.

    You will be open to meet like-minded people and their significant others. These new friends will be validating, and the relationships you will develop are fulfilling.

    Enjoy Your Crossdresser Life

    I certainly hope that the above 5 reasons help you find a peaceful and healthy crossdresser life. You will attain more clarity and direction toward the life you were meant to live.

    For those of you that have not been out in public dressed, you will find that step to be much easier when you’re at peace with yourself.

    If you're seeking a healthier mind, body, and spirit while embracing your crossdresser life check out the Healthy Life section of the blog.

  • Sunday, June 02, 2019 1:06 AM | Deleted user

    6 Helpful Crossdressing Tips for Your First Experience

    Have you been wondering about crossdressing for the first time? Fear and worry have held you back. But now you are going to take the big plunge and need crossdressing tips.

    OMG, what if people point and stare, or worse say nasty things? Don't feel alone, we all have had our first crossdressing experience in public. Read on for 6 helpful crossdressing tips for your first experience. 

    Break Through the Fear

    You’re looking at your first step out in fem. Every crossdresser remembers his first time out—I remember mine. You will remember yours and be able to relate it to others who are struggling as you are now.

    The truth is you are walking on a very well worn path where MILLIONS of men have walked before you. 

    You are not weird. 

    You are not perverted. 

    You are not bad. 

    You are just You. Just like I am still me in my dress. Many of us have had to get over all kinds of negative feelings.

    Please remember that you are simply expressing who you are. Too many people let fear and the dark areas of their minds rule their life. Look beyond; it takes courage to go to the next level in most things in life.

    It's Time to Use These Crossdressing Tips

    Time to be you. Maybe you’ve worked most of your life, like me, and have always been there for others. It’s time to look in the mirror and say, “It’s my turn!” 

    You, like me, want to dress like a woman when “she” knocks on your mental door. You don’t know why this comes to you, but it does. It also comes to millions of other men. 

    You are not alone. 

    You do belong. 

    You are worthy.

    I suggest you read some of my other articles. I don’t have all the answers, but I can relay my perspective and advice from my personal experiences. It is my genuine hope that it can help you in some way.

    Now is the time to take action. Why are you waiting to have a complete, fulfilling life? Let's dive into those crossdressing tips to get you started in the right direction.

    1) Prepare Before You Step Out the Door

    The most important crossdressing tip for your first experience is to be prepared. The more you do to prepare, the less fear and anxiety you’ll have. 

    • Pick your venue. Visit it in male mode, we call it Drab, and get the lay of the land. 
    • Pick your outfit. Make sure it works in your planned venue.
    • Pick your timing. Don’t go when it’s too busy and hectic or vacant. You want time to converse with the wait staff.  

    2) Be Confident

    Keep a good posture. Stand up straight, think positive, and be as confident as you can. Don’t try to hide or shrink back. It’s better to be out there versus timid.

    When you walk, don’t go for eye contact. If you do, you would wonder what she/he is thinking, and your mind will create all kinds of negative thoughts. If you do, just give a nice smile and look beyond at something more distant. 

    As you walk, you may pass people who giggle or chuckle after you go by. Don't obsess over it. 

    What I do is tell myself that they just shared a joke. Then I quickly dismiss them. By the way, this rarely happens to me.

    Something else I tell myself when I'm being stared at is that the person lives such a boring life and I just gave him the gift of a great conversation piece. He came across a guy in a dress, but that person was nice, kind, respectful and gracious. 

    That takes away their concept that a man in a dress is bad or wrong. Your positive actions negate their negative perceptions.

    3) Build Relationships With the Staff 

    This is one of the most important crossdressing tips. Build good if not great relationships with the staff at what will become your regular crossdressing destination. 

    At first, it’s more about you building those relationships versus your being out dressed. Once you’ve built the relationship, it can become about you being there in fem. They will have accepted you and now they will be very supportive and protective of you.

    Learn the staff's names and use them. When you return, use their names and always be kind and respectful. Everyone likes to be recognized. 

    The more you do the easier being in fem becomes and your fem self will love it more. Never make a big deal about you in a dress. Just be one of the women there. 

    Also, never talk about your rights as a woman. Don’t be pushy. Go with their flow.

    If you have a bar or food tab, make sure to tip well. Then, come back dressed a few days later and repeat it. You’re becoming a regular who is nice, kind, fun, and a decent tipper. 

    Never get into an argument or raise your voice. Don't try to hide. Instead, be pro-active and accept the fact that you will not pass. 

    People in the Hospitality Industry will treat you as a woman. That is how they are trained, and most of society follows this norm now. 

    4) Restroom Issues

    Make sure that you leave your home on empty, so you don’t have to use a restroom. Eat light and drink light. Don’t stay too long that you may have to go to the restroom.

    After you have become a regular, bring it up to the manager whom you have gotten to know. Do it in a quiet, gentle, and supportive of the establishment way. 

    If you are talking with an employee, they are paid to be nice and not give you any problems. You are safe with them. Mirror it back.

    If you find a server you like you may want to ask when they work, or mention that you’ll be back again on a certain day. This helps to start building that rapport.

    This is how my crossdressing friend and I did it with our local redneck watering hole. We are now welcomed with open arms. We also use the lady’s room—still with caution. 

    If you want more crossdressing tips on using the restroom please check out my other article “Where to Go When You Need to Go.” This is one of my commonly asked crossdressing tips that always seems to be a major concern for new crossdressers.

    5) Managing Your Femme Self

    You probably don’t have a perfect female voice, so don’t try to hide your male voice. At the same time let your feminine gentle and kind side of you be reflected in the tone of your voice, what you say and how you act.

    When I go from drab to dress, I always find myself taking on a beautiful, gentle, kind radiance that I express to others. Also, my male stress, worry, and heaviness of life melt away to let a happier me shine through.

    It is the extreme few who pass as a gendered woman and that is with years of dedicated work. 

    Be nice. Nice always begets nice. At the same time, a woman may give you a compliment like: “you are doing a nice job” or “that is a nice outfit,” or “I like your shoes.” 

    Give the gift back. How about, “This is all new to me. What I’ve learned is that it’s not easy being a girl,” or “Now I know what women mean when they say, ‘men are clueless’."

    Connect with the person’s humanity. It usually works. 

    6) The Best Place to Come Out is a Cruise

    If you could find a place that has an encouraging environment that supported you celebrating your fem self would you go? Think of a place that totally accepts your crossdressing 24/7/365. Imagine a place where you can meet thousands of open-minded people. 

    Visualize being dressed as the woman you want to be at dinner, shopping, or on an adventure in the jungle. There is only one situation that brings it all together for you. 

    That is on a cruise with us.

    On a cruise with CrossdressTravel.com, you can dress as much or as little as you wish. You can go in "boy mode" for a few days and see how we are treated.  If you decide you are not ready and spend the entire cruise in boy mode, then that’s ok too. 

    When you are ready, we will be there. 

    Even if you never dress on the cruise, you will still learn a lot, meet good people, and have a great cruise. Regardless, it’s a win-win.

    When you do step out dressed, join us in our “She Pack”. You may want to stay in the middle of it and that’s OK. I can tell you from experience that you won’t be there long because you will want to step out and shine.


    Well, you read this entire article, so you must be giving your first crossdressing experience some serious thought. Check out our future travel plans and the blog for more great crossdressing tips

  • Friday, May 31, 2019 1:10 AM | Deleted user

    Eye-opening Reasons You Should Cruise For a Crossdressing Vacation

    Approximately 52% of cruise travelers come from the United States. Cruising is one of the most freeing and liberating environments a Crossdresser (CD) can immerse herself in. Read on for some eye-opening reasons you should go on a cruise for your first crossdressing vacation.

    The Number One Reason To Cruise For A Crossdressing Vacation

    Cruising is far, far away from home, family, business, co-workers, etc. What is the chance you will run into anyone you know? I don't know the specific statistic, but let's just say slim.


    Eat, Drink and Be Mary 

    There are more things to do on a cruise than you have time or energy for. Activities range from eating, bar life, games, entertainment, and more. I simply love it all.

    The food is available 24/7. I have to hold back from pigging out (well, I try).  Each ship has restaurants galore with almost every kind of food you can imagine.  

    The menu is yummy. You will also find specials and/or themes of the evening. The Prime Rib was great as was the Lobster too.

    I love meeting up with friends, old and new, at one the many bars and lounges. Jennifer loves all those fun and colorful drinks with fruit in them. They also have those little umbrellas on them too. 

    They are sooo cute. Each one brings out the girl in me. And, when I’m on my fem side I love it.

    I also like to play games. The first time I played Bingo guess who won $125 on her very first game? It went to pay for some of those lovely exotic drinks I just had to taste to make sure they were fit for human consumption.                            

    The Magical Crossdressing Vacation Pass 

    If you are concerned about how well the feminine you will be received by the staff, while purchasing things onboard, or how well the shop keepers will treat you at the various ports, I need to tell you something you didn’t know. 

    You have a Magical Crossdressing Vacation Pass in your purse that opens the door to your total acceptance each and every time—GUARANTEED. It has never failed me or any other CD. 

    This is magic that women have known all their lives. They learn it from their mothers at an early age. Now, we CD’s have it available to us.  

    So, what if I wear a dress, have my hair styled, walking with a click of my high heels. 

    Yes, I don’t pass. 

    Yes, I have a very male voice. 

    I look like a girl and talk like a boy. 

    Even the hint of the Magical Crossdressing Vacation Pass will bring you their openness, acceptance, and warmth. It is an instant friend maker and definitely an icebreaker. Every ship and every port that we visit recognizes our Crossdressing Vacation Pass. 

    Just show your Crossdressing Vacation Pass and you will always see instant results. Enjoy your beautiful fem self, reach in your purse and pull out…your Visa card. 

    Yes, it’s magical.

    And being your nice, gracious, and generous self, you also give them something interesting to share over dinner that evening. You left a positive remembrance that the next crossdresser can build upon.

    Oh, the Pampering

    Yes, the pampering. It took only one Mani-Pedi and I was hooked. 

    Pro Tip:  I bring my own bottles of nail polish with me, so I know I’ll always have the right color for my outfits. 

    The Spa’s on these ships are awesome. The list of services goes on and on. I can be pampered all day. 

    Imagine enjoying the Chocolate Extravaganza then relax with a hot rock massage. All the while there is a gentle rocking like in mothers’ arms. It is another world. 

    I like to get a facial, then have my hair put up for the evening. Meet the Captain night is the perfect day to do this and you get to DRESS UP all the way to the nines. It's time to sparkle and shine, and, my favorite part, wear high heels. 

    Adventure on the High Seas 

    It doesn’t matter whether you pass or not. This is your time to wear that dress you have been dreaming about for so very long. No one will mock you or look you down. 

    Once you’ve gone girl cruising, you’ll be hooked like me. 

    Almost any human activity can be experienced on a cruise. There are times I get sensory overload. It can take days of exploration to unlock each ships’ mysteries. 

    All the while I do it dressed in fem. 

    Take along a camera. You have memories to capture. Don't be inhibited to sparkle in front of other people—enjoy your moment.

    You are with a few thousand other guests on a ship. And believe it or not, you have a lot in common with everyone onboard, including the ships’ staff. All of you are at sea going on an adventure to foreign lands and people. 

    Talk about a conversation starter.

    So, you are wearing a dress, makeup, hair, in other words, the whole enchilada. Everyone you meet, you’ve never met before. It’s the same with everyone else. 

    For the next number of days, everyone is immersed in a friendly, open-minded setting. All want and expect not just a good time but a great time. The general mental attitude is openness and acceptance. 

    I’ve meet and asked hundreds of guests to take a picture of me. I’ve never seen them before, yet I randomly ask. I have never been turned down and my requests have always been enthusiastically accepted. It extends to the Ports too.

    Crossdressing Vacation 

    Just because I take no male clothes with me doesn’t mean that you can’t take your male “back up” clothes with you. Maybe you want to only dress at certain times and go male (we call it "in drab") most of the cruise. Well, that’s ok. 

    There is no pressure for you to dress all the time or at any time. Go at your own pace. Dress when and where you feel comfortable and ready. The CD community is a very supportive group. 

    If you go on a crossdressing vacation cruise with CrossDressTravel.com let us know how you want to be addressed in fem or drab. Your new Sisters are very accepting and understand what your struggle is about.

    Cruising also allows you to bring along many outfits. It’s your time to play girl, to actually be a girl, or at least to the extent that a boy can be a girl. 

    You may have clothes that you haven’t or have rarely worn. You are afforded as many wardrobe changes as you want. You have the whole ship to play with and show off your girl things. 

    Your Sisters only bring you support. 

    No pressure. To put another sister in a negative light is very wrong and I will not stand for it. 

    All Walks of Life 

    The staff on the ship come from dozens of countries. My last cruise had a crew composed of members from 62 countries. Talking about diversity.

    They live it day in and day out. They are trained to be concerned that no matter who you are, where you come from, or any aspect of you as their guest that you are kept happy at all the times.  

    Similarly, the other guests cruising with you come from all walks of life, every country, every ethnic, race, and any and all of the other categories of humanity. A cruise is the true melting pot of life. Everyone expects it and has mentally accepted it before they get on the ship. 

    Come Sail Away

    If you haven’t been on a cruise, then you will discover innumerable things to do. The list goes on and on: Food, Drink, Entertainment, Nightlife. 

    Everyone feels relief from the heaviness that they shed by boarding. The general feeling is upbeat, positive and happier. It is the perfect venue for any crossdresser.

    If you have not been out dressed and have the desire to express yourself, a cruise is probably the right thing for you. Consider joining us on our next cruise and put your dainty toe in the water. You will be making memories for a lifetime. 

  • Tuesday, May 28, 2019 11:59 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Fearless Crossdressing Advice That Eliminates "I Wish"

    The purpose of starting this website was rooted in my deep desire to impart my long collected crossdressing advice. I started at the beginning once, and wish to impart my wisdom like a big sister to her sibling in hopes of saving her from making the same mistakes or experiencing the same trials. There are so many topics to share, but today's nugget is about the fallacy of "I Wish."

    Crossdressing Advice on "I Wish, I Want, I Will"

    When you start to talk about the desires of your heart, do you begin with, “I wish?” This is one of the most often-used phrases. 

    “I wish that dog would stop barking.” 

    “I wish I knew the answer to that.” 

    “I wish I could…”

    We tend to frame our wants and desires into a wish. But a wish is just a hope. Or a desire that we believe will probably never happen, yet we still want. 

    It is rather interesting that we can desire something while still trying to hold it at arm’s length, or pushing it away. What if we framed our desire in another way like say, “I want.” 

    That is also a statement of desire, but it carries more force towards its attainment. 

    When I filed for divorce, I started a bucket list. I called it my “Want-To List.” After a few weeks, I realized that wanting something and going-out-to-get-it were worlds apart.

    So, I changed it to my “Will-Do List.” 

    Now, it became definitive. 

    I brought it to life by giving it force and direction in my mind. I wanted to frame it in such a way that I would actually accomplish the list. What good is a bucket list if you don’t pursue what’s on it?

    Transitioning from Dreams to Action

    I took my desires out of the realm of wish, hope, and “might someday,” and into action toward attainment. The old saying, “Actions speak louder than words” is very true. I converted my desires from a bunch of words spewed in beer-laden conversation into actions. 

    Every time I thought about my “Will-Do List,” action entered the picture. My mind started thinking of how the desires of my heart would be accomplished. Thoughts went from some far-off hope to pieces and elements coming to mind, like cement and lumber to the building of my desires. 

    My subconscious mind was on alert for anything that crossed my path that could be utilized toward the accomplishment of an item on my list. 

    I now realize that help and opportunities always existed around me, but my awareness wasn’t there with a wish. Wishes don’t bring forth such awareness. A wish is empty.

    The desire to go to dinner in a cocktail dress with friends is beautiful, but only wishing for it kept it in the realm of fantasy. Putting something on your “Will-Do List” starts the process toward finalization and fulfillment. 

    You can’t fulfill your desire without a cocktail dress, shoes, purse, you know, The Outfit. If you keep it as a wish, you’ll never get the outfit. A wish doesn’t have motivating force.


    Crossdressing Advice on How to Make it Work

    One movement toward your fem side is having your ears pierced. I remembered when I had mine pierced. I was with three or four other crossdressers, shopping at a mall. 

    My fem self loves it, my boy self doesn’t. 

    My friends conspired to coerce me to get pierced. We went to Claire’s, a mall shop that pierces ears, and my companions challenged me to have it done. 

    I went along with it.

    I had the same concerns and trepidations as many of you have about piercings. First, let me explain that I worked in a very macho and ego-centric profession. I was an airline captain flying the world’s largest jets to all corners of the globe.

    I don't blame my friends for peer pressure—they did me a favor. But once I was pierced, I needed crossdressing advice to figure out how to address the inevitable questions my colleagues would have regarding my new jewelry. It turned out to not be that difficult. 

    I just said that when I wear earrings, I feel like a rock star. I professed that I liked to feel the part when going to concerts, which genuinely is one of my favorite pastimes. Bingo, done! No more questions. 

    All was OK. Of course, there was no reason to tell them more about the matching neckless, dress, AND the shoes.

    How to Shift Your Mindset and Wishes to Wills

    You may be in a situation where you can’t go out wearing a cocktail dress or anything fem. You think to yourself, “Nope, no can do. Not even God can drag me out around here. Do you have any idea where I live?” 

    Well, my best crossdressing advice to you is to take a vacation and go on a cruise with CrossDressTravel.com

    Don’t forget to bring your cocktail dress.

    Taking yourself out of your inhibiting environment will be the first step in shifting your own mindset from I Wish to I Will. There are numerous reasons why cruising is my top crossdressing advice. Too many to mention, but the main reason is the opportunity to practice your secret passion without fear, without concern, or trepidation.

    Being away from the friends who might not understand may be all you need to have your personal breakthrough. They only need to know that you are going on a trip to get away, recharge your batteries, and clear out the cobwebs. Just don’t tell them that your luggage is full of a change of circumstances.

    This is your life; no one owns you. 

    Don’t give yourself away to someone else. Only you can make the best decisions for yourself. If someone else doesn’t like it, well, they have the problem, not you.

    My Personal Crossdressing Advice

    The doers of life never wish–they do. Those who wish, live in a world of fantasy and dreams but rarely make memories. My crossdressing advice to you is to make some amazing memories in a cocktail dress, on a cruise ship, while meeting interesting people from around the world. 

    For more crossdressing advice and reasons to go on a cruise with CrossDressTravel.com check out the travel posts on the blog. Let's turn your wishes into reality together.

  • Sunday, May 26, 2019 12:11 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    How a Cruise Can Give You Crossdressing Help

    Did you know going on a cruise has the highest potential to give you crossdressing help? It is the best venue to express your beautiful fem self. If you haven’t been out dressed very much, or not at all, then a CrossDressTravel.com cruise is the perfect place for you.

    Does Your Fear Hinder Your Desire?

    Cruising allows you to live what you’ve only dreamed about. Perhaps what your second self has been whispering for you to do.

    Have you ever gone to dinner in a Cocktail Dress? 

    Been shopping in a Sun Dress? 

    On a cruise, you can live your fem self to the fullest without fear or concern. You can let your girl out 24/7 on the ship if you wish. 

    Maybe you only want to be in fem at dinner. Well, dinner is the perfect place to let her out to sparkle. Cocktail dress, evening gown, or high heels. Your imagination is your only limitation.

    Do you own the perfect handbag for that dress? Even though I don’t need one on a cruise ship I still carry one. Just because I can, and I want to. 

    I can go on and on about the jewelry you could wear. Let's just say sparkle, sparkle, sparkle. And you are always close enough to your room for a wardrobe change every night. 

    Practicing On a Cruise is the Best Crossdressing Help

    Joining us on a cruise can give you that much needed crossdressing help you have always wanted. After all, they say practice makes perfect. Dressing on a cruise can build your confidence to take your fem side out in public in your own area.

    You are always greeted as a lady. You are given respect and you are given the opportunity to give it back. Remember, Thank You goes a long way.

    On the ship, all your male problems, worries, and concerns are left ashore. It's time for you to be the full YOU. You are free to liberate the wonderous woman that has been put aside for so very long.

    Think about the movies you’ve seen where the starlit enters. The beautiful leading lady that everyone turns to see. That lovely lady is you.

    It’s time to look into the mirror and say: It’s my turn.

    Within the safety of our Sisterhood, you can experience the joys of dressing in public. We are here to support you. But the interactions you have, while dressed, with others outside of our group will be priceless.

    I love it. It is sooooo neat when a woman compliments you.

    “Where did you get that?” 

    “I love it.” 

    “You did a nice job.” 

    “Where can I get one?” 

    “Can I buy that from you?” 

    I’ve had all of these said to me, and a lot more.


    You Can Enjoy Fun Activities in a Whole New Way

    Does your inner Girl like Casino action? Take your chances at Roulette or the slots. Strut your stuff and show off! 

    They don’t care how you are dressed as long as you are. The casino is an amazing place to go fem. Everyone is there to have a good time, and you can become one of the crowd with a drink in one hand and dice in the other.

    There are numerous activities we participate in as a Sisterhood, or you can go explore on your own. Try going in dress for shopping in port, on a tour, or at a restaurant.

    Don’t forget to bring your Magical Crossdressing Vacation Pass with you.

    I wear skirts and dresses whenever I can. I leave pants for that guy I “live” with.

    Life comes with an expiration date. I don’t want to get to that point and say: “I should have—” rather I want to say, “I did!” Remember, you are worthy.

    A little Libation along the road does help. Especially when it’s called Coco Loco. I've never been averse to a little liquid courage, but keep it classy ladies.

    I like to wander off the ship and into a shopping area. I meet the nicest people. They are very friendly and helpful. 

    Some people see the different cultures and only notice the differences,  but when I encounter a different culture I enjoy these differences all while I notice how much we are the same.

    Dress To Your Comfort

    If you're here for crossdressing help don't feel like you need to compare or keep up with me. We encourage you to dress at your own comfort level.

    I keep pushing the envelope for a few reasons. One is that the more I push it, the more I’m accepted. It also enhances my feminine self-esteem. 

    Jennifer becomes more and more normal to me. I find it easier and easier to emotionally blend in.

    Another reason is that I want to show others that its OK to express our other selves. If I can do all the things that I do because I’m further out there, then you should realize that what you want to do is do-able too. 

    For those that never have or are new at being fully fem in public, just realize that practice makes perfect. That is why getting crossdressing help on a cruise is so important.

    This is like learning anything new. At first, you fumble around, then it gets easier, and then natural.

    You may be downright scared like all of us once were when we started. But something continues to drive you from deep within. The best way to start and develop your fem self is on a cruise.  

    Come Sail Away

    Maybe you've been a member for a while and keep telling yourself that you will join us on the next trip. Tomorrow isn't promised, so we at CrossDressTravel.com encourage you to seize the day. Be courageous.

    You deserve to be happy and to live a full life. We are here to support you in dress or drab. Check out our next planned cruise for crossdressing help, and take the guesswork out of how you are going to break into your feminine future.

    The hardest decision you will have to make is what to wear. Shorts, a dress, or a skirt? Oh my. 

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