Fearless Crossdressing Advice That Eliminates "I Wish"

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Fearless Crossdressing Advice That Eliminates "I Wish"

The purpose of starting this website was rooted in my deep desire to impart my long collected crossdressing advice. I started at the beginning once, and wish to impart my wisdom like a big sister to her sibling in hopes of saving her from making the same mistakes or experiencing the same trials. There are so many topics to share, but today's nugget is about the fallacy of "I Wish."

Crossdressing Advice on "I Wish, I Want, I Will"

When you start to talk about the desires of your heart, do you begin with, “I wish?” This is one of the most often-used phrases. 

“I wish that dog would stop barking.” 

“I wish I knew the answer to that.” 

“I wish I could…”

We tend to frame our wants and desires into a wish. But a wish is just a hope. Or a desire that we believe will probably never happen, yet we still want. 

It is rather interesting that we can desire something while still trying to hold it at arm’s length, or pushing it away. What if we framed our desire in another way like say, “I want.” 

That is also a statement of desire, but it carries more force towards its attainment. 

When I filed for divorce, I started a bucket list. I called it my “Want-To List.” After a few weeks, I realized that wanting something and going-out-to-get-it were worlds apart.

So, I changed it to my “Will-Do List.” 

Now, it became definitive. 

I brought it to life by giving it force and direction in my mind. I wanted to frame it in such a way that I would actually accomplish the list. What good is a bucket list if you don’t pursue what’s on it?

Transitioning from Dreams to Action

I took my desires out of the realm of wish, hope, and “might someday,” and into action toward attainment. The old saying, “Actions speak louder than words” is very true. I converted my desires from a bunch of words spewed in beer-laden conversation into actions. 

Every time I thought about my “Will-Do List,” action entered the picture. My mind started thinking of how the desires of my heart would be accomplished. Thoughts went from some far-off hope to pieces and elements coming to mind, like cement and lumber to the building of my desires. 

My subconscious mind was on alert for anything that crossed my path that could be utilized toward the accomplishment of an item on my list. 

I now realize that help and opportunities always existed around me, but my awareness wasn’t there with a wish. Wishes don’t bring forth such awareness. A wish is empty.

The desire to go to dinner in a cocktail dress with friends is beautiful, but only wishing for it kept it in the realm of fantasy. Putting something on your “Will-Do List” starts the process toward finalization and fulfillment. 

You can’t fulfill your desire without a cocktail dress, shoes, purse, you know, The Outfit. If you keep it as a wish, you’ll never get the outfit. A wish doesn’t have motivating force.


Crossdressing Advice on How to Make it Work

One movement toward your fem side is having your ears pierced. I remembered when I had mine pierced. I was with three or four other crossdressers, shopping at a mall. 

My fem self loves it, my boy self doesn’t. 

My friends conspired to coerce me to get pierced. We went to Claire’s, a mall shop that pierces ears, and my companions challenged me to have it done. 

I went along with it.

I had the same concerns and trepidations as many of you have about piercings. First, let me explain that I worked in a very macho and ego-centric profession. I was an airline captain flying the world’s largest jets to all corners of the globe.

I don't blame my friends for peer pressure—they did me a favor. But once I was pierced, I needed crossdressing advice to figure out how to address the inevitable questions my colleagues would have regarding my new jewelry. It turned out to not be that difficult. 

I just said that when I wear earrings, I feel like a rock star. I professed that I liked to feel the part when going to concerts, which genuinely is one of my favorite pastimes. Bingo, done! No more questions. 

All was OK. Of course, there was no reason to tell them more about the matching neckless, dress, AND the shoes.

How to Shift Your Mindset and Wishes to Wills

You may be in a situation where you can’t go out wearing a cocktail dress or anything fem. You think to yourself, “Nope, no can do. Not even God can drag me out around here. Do you have any idea where I live?” 

Well, my best crossdressing advice to you is to take a vacation and go on a cruise with CrossDressTravel.com

Don’t forget to bring your cocktail dress.

Taking yourself out of your inhibiting environment will be the first step in shifting your own mindset from I Wish to I Will. There are numerous reasons why cruising is my top crossdressing advice. Too many to mention, but the main reason is the opportunity to practice your secret passion without fear, without concern, or trepidation.

Being away from the friends who might not understand may be all you need to have your personal breakthrough. They only need to know that you are going on a trip to get away, recharge your batteries, and clear out the cobwebs. Just don’t tell them that your luggage is full of a change of circumstances.

This is your life; no one owns you. 

Don’t give yourself away to someone else. Only you can make the best decisions for yourself. If someone else doesn’t like it, well, they have the problem, not you.

My Personal Crossdressing Advice

The doers of life never wish–they do. Those who wish, live in a world of fantasy and dreams but rarely make memories. My crossdressing advice to you is to make some amazing memories in a cocktail dress, on a cruise ship, while meeting interesting people from around the world. 

For more crossdressing advice and reasons to go on a cruise with CrossDressTravel.com check out the travel posts on the blog. Let's turn your wishes into reality together.

Dream Vacations

We support traveling in femme and general crossdressing.  

Contact us for more information. 


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