How to Change Men’s to Women’s Shoes Size

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How to Change Men’s to Women’s Shoes Size

How do you change men's to women's shoes size? Some say size up 1.5 from men's to women's shoe sizes. But if it is a closed toe shoe you may want to err on the side of caution and add 2 to your normal size.

I have learned while shopping at FSJ, one of my favorite shoe site, that there are several factors to consider when you are a man buying women's shoes. And I hope to cover them, so find out my tips and tricks to find the perfect shoe for your next crossdressing outing.


Men’s to Women’s Shoes Size

It can be difficult if you are not an open crossdresser to find a pair of women's shoes that work for you. Although you can follow the general rule of adding 2 sizes from men's to women's shoes size you will need to consider that each brand may have slightly different sizing.

Pro-tip: Take the time to read the reviews and find out if a shoe runs narrow vs. wide or big vs. small.

Be sure to understand the company's return policy. I like FSJ's free exchange policy. If I receive a pair of shoes that don't seem to fit quite right then within 30 days of the delivery date I can exchange them for the next size up or down at no shipping cost to me.


Width and Men’s to Women’s Shoes Sizes

Just like the discrepancy in the belief of sizing up in men’s to women's shoes sizing there is a debate about shoe width. Some experts say that women's shoes run generally narrower than men's shoes. I would like to propose that perhaps more men are unaware of their true foot width.

Well, it's time to start shopping like a woman. Shift into your femme-self and take the time to measure your feet. When I was looking into shoes sizing I found that some company's like New Balance said their width sizing was the same in both men and women.

This may be another case of learning about different brands and how they run. Once again, get into your femme-self and enjoy the journey of becoming a better you. Take the time needed to find that just-right shoe for your perfect outfit.


Different Shoe Styles for Male to Female Transformation


Perhaps flats aren't as fun as heels, but sometimes you just aren't up for the delicious torture of looking fabulous in high-heels. Flats could include moccasins, loafers, jelly shoes, and more. Also, flats have a wide variety of outfits they could go with such as jeans, shorts, pencil skirts, knee-length suits, and above-the-knee dresses.

Don't disregard flats as another option to expand your cross-dressing experience.


Sandals have the most leeway when it comes to men's to women's shoes size. If you have a wide foot go for a style that has a lot of open space.

There is also a lot of variation in the style of sandals too. You could go with a very casual flip-flop, buckle straps, or something bedazzled to the nines. This will allow you to dress in anything from a casual summer dress or jeans to something fit for a fancy dinner.

It's all about how you put it together so do your research and be thoughtful.


Mules are heeled shoes that are backless and cover the instep without straps. These tend to be warmer weather shoes, but I like to wear them into fall as a transition before boots.

You can find mules with an open toe to show off your pedicure and to give yourself a little added space.


Pumps, sling backs, and T-straps, oh my! I have been known to rock a pair of 5-inch heels.

If you are looking for a little extra give, try a sling back, which only has a strap above your heel. There are also a lot of open-toed options.

Any time you have open space it will release a little pressure off your foot. This is a good option when trying to change men’s to women’s shoes size. But keep in mind the shoe does still need to fit or you will be uncomfortable and look silly.


The boot can be practical for winter climates, but they also can be sexy. You can find boots in lots of styles including ankle boots, cowboy boots, booties, Cossack boots, Uggs, biker boots, combat boots, fur...I could go on-and-on.

Pro-tip:  If you are looking for knee-high or thigh-high boots try an extended calf if you are not a slender built man. They will fit you better.



Finding What You Want in Your Size

Finding what you want when you are converting men's to women's shoes size can be more challenging if your foot is large. Many brands may not carry what you want in a longer sizes.

Now, I've been saving the best for last. This is an amazing tip you might not have thought of.

Pro-tip:  Get exactly what style of shoe you want for exactly the size you need with custom orders.

That's right, it's one of the reasons I love FSJ. You can send an image of a shoe you love—you know, like something you find on Pinterest—and customize it in any way and they will make you a mock-up. It’s the ultimate in getting what you want.


What to Do With All Those Fabulous Shoes

You can have all the most wonderful shoes in the world, but if you are a closeted crossdresser they are only living a half-life and so are you. It is my genuine wish that you can live a full life as a crossdresser. You bought those shoes for yourself for sure, but you also deep inside want to show them off to the world.

Consider how you can take your secret passion for shoes and bring it into the light. Find out how cruising can allow you to crossdress in public in a safe, anonymous, and supported way at the blog.



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