Eye-opening Reasons You Should Cruise For a Crossdressing Vacation

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Eye-opening Reasons You Should Cruise For a Crossdressing Vacation

Approximately 52% of cruise travelers come from the United States. Cruising is one of the most freeing and liberating environments a Crossdresser (CD) can immerse herself in. Read on for some eye-opening reasons you should go on a cruise for your first crossdressing vacation.

The Number One Reason To Cruise For A Crossdressing Vacation

Cruising is far, far away from home, family, business, co-workers, etc. What is the chance you will run into anyone you know? I don't know the specific statistic, but let's just say slim.


Eat, Drink and Be Mary 

There are more things to do on a cruise than you have time or energy for. Activities range from eating, bar life, games, entertainment, and more. I simply love it all.

The food is available 24/7. I have to hold back from pigging out (well, I try).  Each ship has restaurants galore with almost every kind of food you can imagine.  

The menu is yummy. You will also find specials and/or themes of the evening. The Prime Rib was great as was the Lobster too.

I love meeting up with friends, old and new, at one the many bars and lounges. Jennifer loves all those fun and colorful drinks with fruit in them. They also have those little umbrellas on them too. 

They are sooo cute. Each one brings out the girl in me. And, when I’m on my fem side I love it.

I also like to play games. The first time I played Bingo guess who won $125 on her very first game? It went to pay for some of those lovely exotic drinks I just had to taste to make sure they were fit for human consumption.                            

The Magical Crossdressing Vacation Pass 

If you are concerned about how well the feminine you will be received by the staff, while purchasing things onboard, or how well the shop keepers will treat you at the various ports, I need to tell you something you didn’t know. 

You have a Magical Crossdressing Vacation Pass in your purse that opens the door to your total acceptance each and every time—GUARANTEED. It has never failed me or any other CD. 

This is magic that women have known all their lives. They learn it from their mothers at an early age. Now, we CD’s have it available to us.  

So, what if I wear a dress, have my hair styled, walking with a click of my high heels. 

Yes, I don’t pass. 

Yes, I have a very male voice. 

I look like a girl and talk like a boy. 

Even the hint of the Magical Crossdressing Vacation Pass will bring you their openness, acceptance, and warmth. It is an instant friend maker and definitely an icebreaker. Every ship and every port that we visit recognizes our Crossdressing Vacation Pass. 

Just show your Crossdressing Vacation Pass and you will always see instant results. Enjoy your beautiful fem self, reach in your purse and pull out…your Visa card. 

Yes, it’s magical.

And being your nice, gracious, and generous self, you also give them something interesting to share over dinner that evening. You left a positive remembrance that the next crossdresser can build upon.

Oh, the Pampering

Yes, the pampering. It took only one Mani-Pedi and I was hooked. 

Pro Tip:  I bring my own bottles of nail polish with me, so I know I’ll always have the right color for my outfits. 

The Spa’s on these ships are awesome. The list of services goes on and on. I can be pampered all day. 

Imagine enjoying the Chocolate Extravaganza then relax with a hot rock massage. All the while there is a gentle rocking like in mothers’ arms. It is another world. 

I like to get a facial, then have my hair put up for the evening. Meet the Captain night is the perfect day to do this and you get to DRESS UP all the way to the nines. It's time to sparkle and shine, and, my favorite part, wear high heels. 

Adventure on the High Seas 

It doesn’t matter whether you pass or not. This is your time to wear that dress you have been dreaming about for so very long. No one will mock you or look you down. 

Once you’ve gone girl cruising, you’ll be hooked like me. 

Almost any human activity can be experienced on a cruise. There are times I get sensory overload. It can take days of exploration to unlock each ships’ mysteries. 

All the while I do it dressed in fem. 

Take along a camera. You have memories to capture. Don't be inhibited to sparkle in front of other people—enjoy your moment.

You are with a few thousand other guests on a ship. And believe it or not, you have a lot in common with everyone onboard, including the ships’ staff. All of you are at sea going on an adventure to foreign lands and people. 

Talk about a conversation starter.

So, you are wearing a dress, makeup, hair, in other words, the whole enchilada. Everyone you meet, you’ve never met before. It’s the same with everyone else. 

For the next number of days, everyone is immersed in a friendly, open-minded setting. All want and expect not just a good time but a great time. The general mental attitude is openness and acceptance. 

I’ve meet and asked hundreds of guests to take a picture of me. I’ve never seen them before, yet I randomly ask. I have never been turned down and my requests have always been enthusiastically accepted. It extends to the Ports too.

Crossdressing Vacation 

Just because I take no male clothes with me doesn’t mean that you can’t take your male “back up” clothes with you. Maybe you want to only dress at certain times and go male (we call it "in drab") most of the cruise. Well, that’s ok. 

There is no pressure for you to dress all the time or at any time. Go at your own pace. Dress when and where you feel comfortable and ready. The CD community is a very supportive group. 

If you go on a crossdressing vacation cruise with CrossDressTravel.com let us know how you want to be addressed in fem or drab. Your new Sisters are very accepting and understand what your struggle is about.

Cruising also allows you to bring along many outfits. It’s your time to play girl, to actually be a girl, or at least to the extent that a boy can be a girl. 

You may have clothes that you haven’t or have rarely worn. You are afforded as many wardrobe changes as you want. You have the whole ship to play with and show off your girl things. 

Your Sisters only bring you support. 

No pressure. To put another sister in a negative light is very wrong and I will not stand for it. 

All Walks of Life 

The staff on the ship come from dozens of countries. My last cruise had a crew composed of members from 62 countries. Talking about diversity.

They live it day in and day out. They are trained to be concerned that no matter who you are, where you come from, or any aspect of you as their guest that you are kept happy at all the times.  

Similarly, the other guests cruising with you come from all walks of life, every country, every ethnic, race, and any and all of the other categories of humanity. A cruise is the true melting pot of life. Everyone expects it and has mentally accepted it before they get on the ship. 

Come Sail Away

If you haven’t been on a cruise, then you will discover innumerable things to do. The list goes on and on: Food, Drink, Entertainment, Nightlife. 

Everyone feels relief from the heaviness that they shed by boarding. The general feeling is upbeat, positive and happier. It is the perfect venue for any crossdresser.

If you have not been out dressed and have the desire to express yourself, a cruise is probably the right thing for you. Consider joining us on our next cruise and put your dainty toe in the water. You will be making memories for a lifetime. 

Dream Vacations

We support traveling in femme and general crossdressing.  

Contact us for more information. 


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