How a Cruise Can Give You Crossdressing Help

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How a Cruise Can Give You Crossdressing Help

Did you know going on a cruise has the highest potential to give you crossdressing help? It is the best venue to express your beautiful fem self. If you haven’t been out dressed very much, or not at all, then a cruise is the perfect place for you.

Does Your Fear Hinder Your Desire?

Cruising allows you to live what you’ve only dreamed about. Perhaps what your second self has been whispering for you to do.

Have you ever gone to dinner in a Cocktail Dress? 

Been shopping in a Sun Dress? 

On a cruise, you can live your fem self to the fullest without fear or concern. You can let your girl out 24/7 on the ship if you wish. 

Maybe you only want to be in fem at dinner. Well, dinner is the perfect place to let her out to sparkle. Cocktail dress, evening gown, or high heels. Your imagination is your only limitation.

Do you own the perfect handbag for that dress? Even though I don’t need one on a cruise ship I still carry one. Just because I can, and I want to. 

I can go on and on about the jewelry you could wear. Let's just say sparkle, sparkle, sparkle. And you are always close enough to your room for a wardrobe change every night. 

Practicing On a Cruise is the Best Crossdressing Help

Joining us on a cruise can give you that much needed crossdressing help you have always wanted. After all, they say practice makes perfect. Dressing on a cruise can build your confidence to take your fem side out in public in your own area.

You are always greeted as a lady. You are given respect and you are given the opportunity to give it back. Remember, Thank You goes a long way.

On the ship, all your male problems, worries, and concerns are left ashore. It's time for you to be the full YOU. You are free to liberate the wonderous woman that has been put aside for so very long.

Think about the movies you’ve seen where the starlit enters. The beautiful leading lady that everyone turns to see. That lovely lady is you.

It’s time to look into the mirror and say: It’s my turn.

Within the safety of our Sisterhood, you can experience the joys of dressing in public. We are here to support you. But the interactions you have, while dressed, with others outside of our group will be priceless.

I love it. It is sooooo neat when a woman compliments you.

“Where did you get that?” 

“I love it.” 

“You did a nice job.” 

“Where can I get one?” 

“Can I buy that from you?” 

I’ve had all of these said to me, and a lot more.


You Can Enjoy Fun Activities in a Whole New Way

Does your inner Girl like Casino action? Take your chances at Roulette or the slots. Strut your stuff and show off! 

They don’t care how you are dressed as long as you are. The casino is an amazing place to go fem. Everyone is there to have a good time, and you can become one of the crowd with a drink in one hand and dice in the other.

There are numerous activities we participate in as a Sisterhood, or you can go explore on your own. Try going in dress for shopping in port, on a tour, or at a restaurant.

Don’t forget to bring your Magical Crossdressing Vacation Pass with you.

I wear skirts and dresses whenever I can. I leave pants for that guy I “live” with.

Life comes with an expiration date. I don’t want to get to that point and say: “I should have—” rather I want to say, “I did!” Remember, you are worthy.

A little Libation along the road does help. Especially when it’s called Coco Loco. I've never been averse to a little liquid courage, but keep it classy ladies.

I like to wander off the ship and into a shopping area. I meet the nicest people. They are very friendly and helpful. 

Some people see the different cultures and only notice the differences,  but when I encounter a different culture I enjoy these differences all while I notice how much we are the same.

Dress To Your Comfort

If you're here for crossdressing help don't feel like you need to compare or keep up with me. We encourage you to dress at your own comfort level.

I keep pushing the envelope for a few reasons. One is that the more I push it, the more I’m accepted. It also enhances my feminine self-esteem. 

Jennifer becomes more and more normal to me. I find it easier and easier to emotionally blend in.

Another reason is that I want to show others that its OK to express our other selves. If I can do all the things that I do because I’m further out there, then you should realize that what you want to do is do-able too. 

For those that never have or are new at being fully fem in public, just realize that practice makes perfect. That is why getting crossdressing help on a cruise is so important.

This is like learning anything new. At first, you fumble around, then it gets easier, and then natural.

You may be downright scared like all of us once were when we started. But something continues to drive you from deep within. The best way to start and develop your fem self is on a cruise.  

Come Sail Away

Maybe you've been a member for a while and keep telling yourself that you will join us on the next trip. Tomorrow isn't promised, so we at encourage you to seize the day. Be courageous.

You deserve to be happy and to live a full life. We are here to support you in dress or drab. Check out our next planned cruise for crossdressing help, and take the guesswork out of how you are going to break into your feminine future.

The hardest decision you will have to make is what to wear. Shorts, a dress, or a skirt? Oh my. 


Dream Vacations

We support traveling in femme and general crossdressing.  

Contact us for more information. 


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