Surprising Crossdress Advice on Cruising for the Closeted Crossdresser

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Surprising Crossdress Advice on Cruising for the Closeted Crossdresser

So, you’re in the closet, yet you still want to go on a cruise. How do you balance dress and drab? You want crossdress advice on how to go away on a crossdress vacation and get away with it.

How do you keep those that don’t know about “her” from finding out about your crossdress vacation? All you need is a little forethought. Read on for my 10 surprising crossdress advice tips that will get you in a dress and keep them in the dark.

Crossdress Advice for Before You Go On the Cruise

  1. Select a cruise that is rather far from your stomping grounds. There is a reason this is first on the crossdress advice list. This ensures less of a chance for unwanted meetings with people you know.
  2. Don’t talk to anyone about the cruise until shortly before your cruise date. You don’t want someone saying, “Great idea, we are going to go with you!”
  3. If anyone asks why you are going on a cruise, just say that you’ve been under a lot of stress and you just need to relax and get away from everything.
  4. Leave home and travel in drab.

Crossdress Advice to Create Your Visual Story 

  1. Embark in drab. Take as many photos as you can like checking your luggage, entering the building, getting on the ship, exploring the ship, and having a libation & food. Do this before you go to your room and make sure that you are in as many shots as you can if you go with a travel partner. 
  2. I recommend going off the ship in port in drab. Take pics getting off, including the staged photos at the bottom of the gangway. Again, take photos of yourself at every opportunity you can while off ship—including any excursions you take. 
  3. Now, do the same process upon re-boarding. Photos going up the gangway, at a bar, having food, walk thru some of the shops and stage some guy shots thinking about buying something.
  4. My best crossdress advice is to take a number of male shirts. Switch shirts while taking photos, so it doesn’t look like the photos were taken all in one day. The best time to take your photos is before and after you return.

Crossdress Advice For Disembarkation

  1. Take my crossdress advice to be in male mode when disembarking. Be sure to take more male photos all the way home.
  2. What you have been doing is creating a record of going on a cruise like your non-knowing friends and family think you are on.

What to Do From Here

Remember ship time is girl time.

You can vary this routine as needed. Let’s say that you are on a cruise that goes to three ports. You can get off at two ports in drab and one in dress. 

Any combination of these will work because you have enough male photos to satisfy. Just don’t mix-up your male and en femme photos.

You can share your photos on Facebook, emails, and prints. You have a record of your cruise for all to see. Gladly show them off. It’s only you that knows what you were wearing in between each photo or underneath in the photo. 

As Paul Harvey would say, “and that’s the rest of the story.

If you are looking to test what the reaction would be to crossdressers in general by the people you are hiding it from, then take a photo of me. Tell them that you met this rather “interesting” person at your dinner table. This person talked a lot and you learned a lot. 

Let them reveal what they really think and how they feel. I bet you would be surprised at the openness and acceptance by many people you would never have imagined.

If you are still teetering about going on a cruise with then I would love to share more crossdress advice. Check out my "Jennifer Speaks" blog for more articles that will help you find peace with you crossdresser life. 


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